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We Know You Hate The "Z"

Throughout the lives of Americans, many adolescents go through the "z" phase. Or should I say, the "z" phaze. In this phaze, a "z" replaces any and all "s" letters, and sometimes is added to words that have no "s" at all. Though most offenders go through this phaze in grades 6-9, some never grow out of it. Did I grow out of it? I don't really know, but that isn't really the issue here because I was in fact forced to use a "z" in the name of this blog. There were some sweet spirits that attempted to make a blog such as this, and therefore, the name "" was unavailable. Though disappointing, I decided that using a single "z" might be the only possible solution to the problem I was facing. Picking another name completely was out of the question, and time was running out as I looked at the little letters beckoning me to pick a blog address.

I did the best I could; pleaze don't judge me.

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